American jazz vocalist Loretta Holloway at Royal Opera House


By Sunil Sampat

American jazz vocalist Loretta Holloway will be flying down to India for a short concert tour in Mumbai and Bengaluru.Holloway follows in the footsteps of legendary jazz singer Eartha Kitt as the First Lady of Song in her state of South Carolina.

On her India tour, Loretta will be accompanied by Italian bass player Gianluca Liberatore, drummer Aron Nyiro from Hungary and local piano virtuoso Anurag Naidu.Loretta Holloway has been influenced by Nancy Wilson but sings in her very own style. She has been dubbed a “singing actress” because she delivers her lyrics in almost conversational style, constantly engaging the audience.

Loretta has performed with Stevie Wonder and her singing has been appreciated by jazz greats Count Basie, Joe Williams and others, in a musical career that has had her perform in several parts of the world and throughout the United States.It promises to be an exciting concert for music lovers on August 21.

2 thoughts on “American jazz vocalist Loretta Holloway at Royal Opera House

  1. With permission from Sunil Sampat (Rolling Stone Magazine of India)
    My dear, dear Loretta,

    So glad to hear you’re home, safe and sound.
    Let me say on behalf of all those of us who met you in India that it was a treat to have you visit us. You were a great ambassador of peace and of joy. I think there will be many people who will now hear jazz because they heard you in concert.
    Please always stay the way you are.
    My great idol Dizzy Gillespie had said to me in Mumbai , “if everyone in the world listened to jazz there would never be another war”. Amen to that. Keep jazzing!

    Stay connected, please!

    Love and regards,


  2. This is LORETTA HOLLOWAY taking a moment to sincerely thank the founders and members of the JAZZ ADDICTS LLC., and Jus’ JAZZ (Pradip Bhatia, Apurva Agarwa and Noshir Anita) for making it possible for my first tour of India to be such a great success. To be on the stage of the HISTORIC ROYAL OPERA HOUSE of Mumbai was an incredible experience. Being surrounded by such lush, historic and regal ambiance will always be a cherished memory. My sincere thank you to the stage, sound, and light crew for their help. The audience was generous and supportive and I am delighted to say I’ve made lasting friendships. I was humbled by those who took the time to meet me following our performance and their endearing compliments. The amount of publicity received for my tour was tremendous with special thank you to Mr. Sunil Sampat of Rolling Stone Magazine India for our first interview. To all the sponsors for your contributions: Shaman Mercedes, VH1India, HCL Music, Noshir Anitia CEO of Mystic Travels for all flight arrangements, HAFELE Designs, Mr. Apurva Agarwa and Mohit Kapoor of Universal Legal Advocates Law Firm, Total Environment Music Foundation, BAJAJ Electricals, Ltd, and Mr. Pradip Bhatia (CEO Pradman Group) for sponsoring “AN EVENING WITH LORETTA HOLLOWAY.” JAZZ MUSIC IS ALIVE AND WELL IN INDIA. My sincere and heartfelt thank you for this tremendous opportunity. I look forward to a future return. My best of the best, Loretta Holloway “South Carolina’s Official First Lady Of Song”

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