Review of I Love Mumbai

The crazy comic duo is back once again! Raell Padamsee’s Ace Productions, showcased the whacko antics of Cyrus Broacha and Kunal Vijayakar, in their new show “I Love Mumbai”, on Saturday at NCPA’s Tata Theatre. A full house, comprising of many of our city’s luminaries, were regaled by their humorous take on all the things Mumbai and Mumbaikars!

Accompanying them was the versatile star Shahrayar Atai, who kicked off the show by singing I Love Mumbai because “bhelpuri is here to stay and there are vadapau everywhere “! As Shahrayar sang, visuals of iconic Mumbai buildings like The Gateway, CST, and Chowpatty were projected on the screen behind him.

Then Cyrus made a dramatic entry from a rear door of the auditorium, and right away he made an immediate connect with the audience. They hung on to his every joke, or telling of a comic caper. From rude taxi drivers, to people obsessed with their cell phones, to the bad driving habits of motor cyclists who never stop at traffic signals and insist on going the wrong way on one way roads, Cyrus had a hilarious take on all these scenarios. Equally zany were Cyrus’s telling of the travails of anyone taking our Metros and Monorails. He is such a natural!

Kunal Vijayakar also had the audience in splits as May D’Souza, his comic enacting of the well known newsreader Faye D’Sousa. The audience also enjoyed the part where Kunal as a real estate agent, tried selling a flat in a real dump and termed the area as New Upper Worli! His rather risqué version of a socialite trying to talk to her driver in anglosized Hindi, was pretty funny as well.

Another interesting scenario was an interview with a prospective club member who is very keen to join an elite club. The very British senior club members now feel the need to ‘saffronise’ their club, and this made for a very hilarious interview. Rather tongue in cheek actually. Equally entertaining was their version of the Dating Game show which they called, “Pataoo and Fataoo”, in which members from the audience were called on stage to conduct this show. A blindfolded lady had to choose her mate from five males after listening to their answers to a set of questions. Shahrayar’s rap song “Soli Boy”, was an excellent adaptation of the Gully Boy song and bemoaned the “the disappearing Parsis”!

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This enjoyable evening ended with some great dancing by choreographer Chirag Aggarwal and the rest of the cast joined him in dance as well. This was a highly interactive show full of fun and laughter and filled with songs and dances.

More shows are scheduled for October 19th at YB Chavan, and for November 10th at Andrews auditorium in Bandra, so be there! Tickets on BookMyShow show.

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